if I Hear SMS Step by step instruction for professionals

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The question is, how would you as a webmaster setup a bulk sms website with us. Either for personal use or you build for clients. Its that easy.


1. Register and host your domain. the hosting must have one single sub domain. (we have free hosting at ekumahost.com)

2. Design your website the way you want it to feel by dispalying price and contact details(its just what html can do for you.) (we have web design tool in Ekumahost Cpanel, lots of templates too)

3. Sign up for the bulk sms SuperWebmaster Package. and pay for sms units based on the price.

4. Register a subdomain eg sms. your web. com.

get our bulk sms IP from (click on support, select IP), you will point your subdomain to our Bulk SMS IP and your SMS centre is set up instantly when you login to sms center and add it in settings section

so at the end, you have ur content like www.ifihear. com and user click on sms centre link on this site to an sms centre page sms.ifihear. com and you are done. if you dont know how to do this, then do not apply for webmaster plan, choose other plans where you pay for set up.

Pointing your subdomain to our ip can be done via Control Panel>> DNS editor. That is just as simple as editing your A and Cname to our IP.

note: you must pay 5000 naira for acess after you sign up for reseller plan if not your sms center will not come up.(new resellers)

Existing resellers who wish to set up new resellers under them will follow the instruction. And only when they cannot do it, they will pay 5k for set up fee.

Good Luck!


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Price Details 1000 units = N1,000.00 Please note that if these price change it might take few days before we update it here Order Now

S/N Network Price (N) UNIT/SMS Status
1 MTN N1.00/Unit 2.30 UNIT/SMS Varying soon
2 GLO N1.00/Unit 1.95 UNIT/SMS Constant
3 ETISALAT N1.00/Unit 1.50 UNIT/SMS Constant
4 AIRTEL N1.00/Unit 1.50 UNIT/SMS Constant
6 OTHERS N1.00/Unit 1.50 UNIT/SMS Constant

SMS units above 20,000 attracts 10% discount

Coverage All Price Unit Price: N1.00/unit

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