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Application Development/ Internet Consultant

Custom Application Development
We design, develop, deploy and maintain elegant applications.
SMS applications can address many critical chAllenges your business faces: reducing operational costs, streamlining business processes, improving customer service, or replacing legacy systems. If you think SMS can help you, contact us and we’ll come up with a solution together.

Dedicated Short Code Provisioning
This is one of the most tedious chores in messaging. Let us walk you through it.
A global common short code is a short phone number, ranging from 5 to 6 characters. We can help take you through the entire provisioning process. This process is recommended if you need a branded campaign, the keyword space entirely to yourself and intend to do a high messaging volume.

Systems Integration + Custom APIs
You already have a piece of software or an application, but you need to mobilize.
If you already have an application built, but don’t know where to start when it comes to plugging in mobile, we can help. We’ve built out custom SMS APIs with an emphasis on systems integration. Whether you’re ready to get started or just want to cAll us as part of your research, we can answer your questions about this process. Find our contact information here.

SMS Platform Licensing
Our modular platform makes it easy to assemble an application with just the pieces you need.
To deal with the myriad of moving parts and the onerous carrier approval processes in mobile messaging, you’ll almost certainly find it significantly cheaper to license our platform than to build one yourself.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns
There’s a lot of power in SMS marketing.
Did you know that you can use SMS to split-test ads across multiple marketing channels, even as you build your subscriber list? Did you know that you can integrate mobile with All of your existing marketing efforts for no additional cost, still while building your subscriber list? Mobile marketing can be used in a variety of ways to tie in with your current advertising efforts. Get in touch with us, even if you’d just like some new ideas.

Mobile Billing
if i Hear! SMS empowers you to create your own messaging and billing solutions on top of our robust platform. Using a comprehensive API, you can send and receive premium and non-premium messages in a range of scenarios.Alert your customers with an SMS to confirm their order. Create a service that sends periodic messages to subscribers. Charge for virtual goods and services by SMS. Add value to your existing services by finding new revenue streams or ways to extend your branding via messaging. 
We supply one-way and two-way SMS, MMS, virtual numbers, and access to our global network of low-cost shared shortcodes and deluxe dedicated shortcodes. 
Through its direct connections with major mobile operators, if i Hear! SMS is your single entry point for exchanging All types of messages with virtuAlly All mobile users - any time, anywhere.

Web Development
We like solid, thoroughly tested construction that makes for a good foundation.
All of the applications listed on our products page have been built in-house. We’re primarily a Ruby shop, but have extensive experience in everything from Wordpress development to Java to Objective C.

we build website for Schools; online registration of students(they will purchase pins from banks) integrated. Plus school and Church databases created recently.

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Get a 20% discount weekly. We support all Telephone networks worldwide except one!

Customer Service

We offer Ecxellent customer service. this was adopted from Ekumahost InfomalCare


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We Boost your traffic, invite new visitors and improve your search engine results and SERP.(for Bulk SMS Resellers)


Ideas Portal

Do you have an idea? Wants to make Bulk SMS better? We want to hear from you! Give us a hint


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If i Hear! SMS is a leading mobile messaging platform. We developed our own SMPP and SMS Gateway that is why we guaranteed delivery here in which customer satisfaction is our first goal.(we can drop our meal to satisfy you, even when others sleep) Our innovative team of programmers are constantly developing mobile messaging platforms & solutions for companies and organizations as GSM penetration in Africa has become the major tool for information dissemination. We cover all network in the world except one!

Payment/banks Account name: OKOKOH, BENJAMIN EKUMA

We accept Bitcoins too, please contact us.
S/n Bank Name Location Account Number Status
1 FIRST BANK Nigeria 3042114733 Active
2 FIDELITY BANK Nigeria 6171004512 Active
3 GT BANK Nigeria 0217530391 Active
4 PayStack Online [email protected] Inactive

Price Details 1000 units = N1,000.00 Please note that if these price change it might take few days before we update it here Order Now

S/N Network Price (N) UNIT/SMS Status
1 MTN N1.00/Unit 2.30 UNIT/SMS Varying soon
2 GLO N1.00/Unit 1.95 UNIT/SMS Constant
3 ETISALAT N1.00/Unit 1.50 UNIT/SMS Constant
4 AIRTEL N1.00/Unit 1.50 UNIT/SMS Constant
6 OTHERS N1.00/Unit 1.50 UNIT/SMS Constant

SMS units above 20,000 attracts 10% discount

Coverage All Price Unit Price: N1.00/unit

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