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Overview: SMS Excel API
Our Bulk SMS Excel API/Plugin allows users to send SMS from Excel sheet directly. As most Professionals use MS Excel for organizing their data; if i HearSMS, along with its feature to send SMS from Excel, empowers all users to save precious time and become more productive.

Our SMS Excel API can be directly integrated with Microsoft Excel and one can send different SMS to different mobile number at once.


If a School wants to send students the results of the recently held exam, it can send personalized bulk SMS by mentioning the name of each Student, his/her marks in each subject, total percentage achieved without having to type the names singly in sms input.

Sample Message: “Dear Mr. John, your son, Emeka 1st Term result. Eng=75, French= 63, Agric=77, Math=88, Science=91, Soc. Science=71. Percentage=77.5%"

Advantages of using if i HearSMS Excel API:

  1. No Need to Login to any website. You can send SMS directly from Excel Sheet.
  2. Send personalized Bulk SMS i.e. send different SMS to different users at a time from if i HearSMS Excel API.
  3. if i HearSMS Excel plugin saves a lot of time and allows you to manage your SMS campaigns with greater efficiency.

How to Download and Install if i HearSMS Excel API:
  1. System requirements: To install SMS Excel Plugin, ensure that machine has the minimum requirements mentioned below:
  2. Operating System: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, vista, Window 7
    Microsoft Office versions: Office 2007, Office 2003, Office XP (2002), Office 2000.
    Internet connection: Dial up, Broadband or cable.
    • Download the file and save to your hard disk. Double-click the executable file on your hard disk to start the setup program. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. you will need tutorial the same service from excel API is also available with advanced CSV when composing sms from sms Centre
Other Plugins
Tell us about your database, we build your plugin if you can not use the API


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If i Hear! SMS is a leading mobile messaging platform. We developed our own SMPP and SMS Gateway that is why we guaranteed delivery here in which customer satisfaction is our first goal.(we can drop our meal to satisfy you, even when others sleep) Our innovative team of programmers are constantly developing mobile messaging platforms & solutions for companies and organizations as GSM penetration in Africa has become the major tool for information dissemination. We cover all network in the world except one!

Payment/banks Account name: OKOKOH, BENJAMIN EKUMA

We accept Bitcoins too, please contact us.
S/n Bank Name Location Account Number Status
1 FIRST BANK Nigeria 3042114733 Active
2 FIDELITY BANK Nigeria 6171004512 Active
3 GT BANK Nigeria 0217530391 Active
4 PayStack Online [email protected] Inactive

Price Details 1000 units = N1,000.00 Please note that if these price change it might take few days before we update it here Order Now

S/N Network Price (N) UNIT/SMS Status
1 MTN N1.00/Unit 2.30 UNIT/SMS Varying soon
2 GLO N1.00/Unit 1.95 UNIT/SMS Constant
3 ETISALAT N1.00/Unit 1.50 UNIT/SMS Constant
4 AIRTEL N1.00/Unit 1.50 UNIT/SMS Constant
6 OTHERS N1.00/Unit 1.50 UNIT/SMS Constant

SMS units above 20,000 attracts 10% discount

Coverage All Price Unit Price: N1.00/unit

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