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if i Hear Bulk SMS Gateway Services

if i Hear Bulk SMS Gateway Services include following services, that enables enterprises to communicate with target audience via SMS.

SMS from PC

Group SMS

Advance CSV

Excel Plugin

Efficient customer care service

Friendly and Informal customer relationship --new!

We are the cheapest.

Trust me! think about that! You cant find a cheaper one, though we charge 1 naira/unit and bill 1.0, 1.5 or more for some network. Even when most customers keep talking about providers that bill cheaper than us does not mean they are cheaper than us. We are not kids in bulk sms services, we are powered by Ekumahost and Ekumahost is known for cheapest services; she offer unlimited web hosting at 1k where others do it at 10k. We can only say you should beware of cheap sms sites. Our price is just moderate to the best of our knowledge and we do not boast of being the cheapest but we just make it that way for young developers and students. Those that left have come back, if you want to learn how to come back: do not forget, if I hear!

Reasons why you should use if i Hear SMS BETA as Reseller

100 USD Google adword Voucher for you.

Online application. No software required. No Setup fees.

Our Quality Stands Out

115,000 SMS/Second Delivery Rate

Instant delivery of messagess

User friendly online interface

Unlimited Sender IDs.

99.9% service uptime. Load balancing for high loads. Redundant server for Business continuity.

Uninterrupted services.

Guaranteed SMS Delivery to all mobile networks Globally.

Dedicated SMS bandwidth

Multiple connectivities from various mobile operators.

Highest level of security and confidentiality of client database.

Competitive prices- We provide highest quality SMS services at affordable prices. Get Maximum ROI (Return-On-Investment).

Cross Platform SMS system( you can send from our web, your website, mobile apps, desktop apps, excel, etc)

Supported Features

Web Based Bulk SMS Service. No Software required.

Simple process: Login » Compose » Send.

Send messages with your company/brand/product name as Sender ID.

Manage all your contacts in specific groups online.

Import your mobile number contacts to "My Group ".

Advance CSV Upload- Send different messages to different mobile recipients at a time.

Create and save messages in Templates.

Free Mobile Application

Excel Plugin to send Messages directly from Excel Spread Sheet

Price Details 1000 units = N1,000.00 Please note that if these price change it might take few days before we update it here Order Now

S/N Network Price (N) UNIT/SMS Status
1 MTN N1.00/Unit 2.30 UNIT/SMS Varying soon
2 GLO N1.00/Unit 1.95 UNIT/SMS Constant
3 ETISALAT N1.00/Unit 1.50 UNIT/SMS Constant
4 AIRTEL N1.00/Unit 1.50 UNIT/SMS Constant
6 OTHERS N1.00/Unit 1.50 UNIT/SMS Constant

SMS units above 20,000 attracts 10% discount

Coverage All Price Unit Price: N1.00/unit

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