if I Hear SMS frequently asked Questions

How to send BULK SMS

Sender ID: max of 11 digits(this is the name that will appear as the name of the sender).

Country: Select Nigeria if you are sending to Nigeria phone numbers, format the number as 08066424512 0r 8066424512, if you select all country then format numbers as 2348066424512(include country code without "plus sign").

Delivery CountryOur SMS Deliver to all countries via the Alpha Route.

Schedule: Should you want the message to deliver at a later time, select these.

Flash message: Message will be sent as flash, just like flash call.

Numbers: max of 100 numbers at a time.

Text/CSV: unlimited Numbers:

Simple, click on compose, type your phone number one on each line or separate number with commas or space not comma and space. Not more than 100(hundred) number at a time in Numbers.

eg, 08066424512,07066777777,080555555555,09077777777 or you separate with space instead of commas, never include commer and space as in 08066424512, 07066777777, 080555555555, 09077777777 (this configuration is wrong). then select country where you are sending to. if you are sending to multiple countries, then you must include country codes without the plus sign+ eg 2348066424512,2347066777777,23480555555555,2349077777777. never include numbers with country code and numbers without country codes, like 08066424512,23480666 is wrong. Numbers must have the same configuration.

Sending to more than 100 numbers:

If you must send to more than 100 numbers or even to 1 billion numbers, use the TEXT/CSV, Advanced CSV, Excel API, XML API or Group format; click on video tutorial on this page to learn how. put one number in a single line using notepad ans save. upload and send.

Sending to GLO Numbers:

Glo does not allow phone numbers in your sms message. if you must include phone numbers, separate them with hyphens eg 080-6642-4512

Suspended Keywords:

Theere are several keywords that are not allowed in SMS sender id and messages:
There are many and you have to know them and do not use them. eg, you cannot use a bank name. Sender id as Firstbank will never work. Keywords like "Congratulations", "Win!", "CODE" etc. there are mostly used by scammers so we cannot give you a list here, you can google them, and dont just use fraudlent keywords.

sms did not deliver, what do I do

Simple, check the report and see what happened, click om my sms history, on the left hand side STATUS

How do I add numbers to phonebook/group ?

Put each number one in a separate line inside notepad or notepadd++ not ms word, then click save as type in file name as number.csv select fyle type as ALL FILES and save. Then login to sms centre, click on my group >> ADD type group name and click submit, click on import csv, select number.csv from your system and click submit>> then select CONTACT NUMBER and click submit again to upload numbers to group. video tutorial

How do I send bulk sms to group I have created?

click on compose, then near the place you type phone numbers, click on group and select the group name.

What does the sms report status mean:

PENDING means sms receiving end did not have service, or is not responding. the problem is from receiver telephone network, you must wait for network to respond and receive messages.

SUCCESSFULLY DELLIVERED means that sms is delivered to users phone. If user did not see sms, then he is lying, have his phone memory to store sms full or have deleted the message.

SUBMITED TO CAREER this means that our server have sent sms to receiver network. this may mean that the phone number is not available or out of coverage area of his network, when number is available it will deliver.

OTHERS this means that sms is not routed. this means that we cannot send message to such number or user configured the number wrongly. (including space after the number, therby making it twelve digits.)

REJECTED this means that message was rejected by receiving end due to it contain SPAM words like it is suspected to be a fraudulent sms (do not send fraudulent messages) but if message is good, it will deliver when network verify its not bad. also do not use names like MTN as sender name unless you are MTN to avoid this error. Also, read sending to Glo numbers Above

How do I buy sms units

Simple, pay to firstbank or fidelity bank using your username(customer id) as depositor name in the teller slip. You can also use your ATM card and pay online. pay now

website say sms not routable when I click send

then we cannot deliver sms to that kind of phone number or country contact us and tell us about this. Firstly check that you typed phone number correctly. check our coverage detail

I lost my password, I have reset it but the new one is not working

when you reset your password, a new one is created for you and sent to your phone. If your new one is not working, then you have reset the password two times, you have to wait for the second sms with the second password which is your new password, also check your email for newest mail.

Is this the cheapest bulk sms server in Nigeria

YES! as you can see, we serve you directly from local network IP and sms unit is 1 naira/unit. You will not understand untill you try. we have over 30,000 active clients that had never complained, you too will not complain. The only complain we get is if a client do not know how to send sms, then he might put phone number where he supposed to put message then he will call and start shouting "sms did not deliver!" after looking at his report, he will learn how to solve the problem, though, he credit was not deducted.

I sent sms but my credit was not deducted.

If your credit was not deducted, then you did not include valid phone number, maybe you typed phone numbers wrongly. see how to send sms above!

I sent single message but my account was billed twice

If your sms was counted as double, we have discovered that it was caused by the use of ENTER key when composing. Stop pressing ENTER key when you compose message, it is unicode seen as double character.

How many characters make a page?

160 characters= 1 page. Subsiquent pages= 151 characters. I know you want to ask why, as that is the SMS protocol standard of communication.


If you cant login, kindly notify us to fix. Since this might take a little time, if you must send sms right now, quickly create a new account that will be credited asap. Thanks for understanding....


Well, must numbers are under dnd(do not disturb.) mostly mtn number, your message cannot deliver to this numbers. so if you send sms some people will not get it. we solved this problem using the Corporate Route Before, but right now I am telling you that MTN has blocked the corporate route, so your message might not deliver to all mtn numbers.
TO FIX THIS: you need to register with MTN using your company letterhead /CAC certificate and a stamp and sign. (that is if your company is registered as business name or any Limited Liability company. rejoice, in 2018 this cac registration can be done online with just N5k).
You will write a letter to MTN and to IfihearSMS (send this letter to us as pdf files)
1. Letter to MTN ( see sample)
2. Letter to ifihearsms ( see sample)
3. CAC certificate (i am sure you are not looking for sample.)


If you have questions that are not answered here, send them to: ifihear(at)gmail.com

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Payment/banks Account name: OKOKOH, BENJAMIN EKUMA

We accept Bitcoins too, please contact us.
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